Monthly Prayer Recap – June 2017

In the month of June, we continued to refine our Prayer Group Online. Check out how we use Skype to connect with each other for prayer. It’s our hope and prayer that this Prayer Group Online can grow to see more consistent members who will join and experience God through prayer!

Abiding Joy

By Rob Parlante John 15:11 Experiencing real joy as a Christian sometimes feels like trying to hold a squirming jelly fish.  You might be able to hold it for a second or two, but it eventually slips out of your hand.  Real continuous joy seems fleeting.  What is the root cause of this phenomenon?  Before… Continue reading Abiding Joy


By Rob Parlante Heb 8:12-13 I live in NJ and commute to Long Island NY several times a week for my job in sales.  For those of you not familiar with making this trip, it involves going over two bridges, and traveling through several NY boroughs.  One of those boroughs is Brooklyn.  As of late,… Continue reading Fuhgeddaboudit